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Wet Dry Detangling Brush Pink

Wet Dry Detangling Brush Pink

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The Easy Hair Brush for Tangles The Wet Dry Brush is a fantastic detangling brush, designed to detangle your hair with ease! Effortlessly, swiftly and smoothly detangle even the thickest, most stubborn Dance hair. The super soft  bristles and non-slip handle ensures Wet Dry Brush works on either wet or dry hair and can be used on extensions or wigs. The  bristles eliminate all tugging, tearing and pulling, to avoid any split ends and damaged hair, whilst the ball tips stimulate circulation at the follicle and massage the scalp. Use in or out of the shower to detangle hair with ease. Features: Ouch-free detangler and massager Suitable for all hair types especially thick, curly or straight hair, as well as extensions and wigs

Works on wet or dry hair 22.5cm long

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