Guide to Dance Instruction in Greater Victoria

Guide to Dance Instruction in Greater Victoria

Newcomer’s Guide to the Greater Victoria Dance Studios

Hello and welcome to a Newcomer’s Guide to the Greater Victoria Dance Studios, brought to you by Stretch Dancewear.

If you are new to Victoria, welcome! We are so excited you’re here and wanting to join our vibrant and exciting dance community. If you aren’t new but looking to rearrange or just wanting some information, we are happy to have you here too. We get that finding a great studio for your dancer can be overwhelming - there are a TON of choices. But here is the good news: they’re all great choices. Each and every studio in Victoria offers something unique and wonderful, and we hope this guide can help you find the right fit for your family.

Whatever you are looking for, there is a studio in Greater Victoria that can offer it. If it's ballet and pointe work you want, we have got so many choices! The same can be said for hip-hop, musical theatre, flamenco - you name it, there is a class. Make sure to pay attention to the studio profiles for class types, competitive programs, and examinations; these things will be important in deciding where you fit in best. And don’t forget - dance isn’t just for kids! There are plenty of adult options here as well.

Where can we take dance classes in Victoria?

Many of the High Schools, as well as a handful of Middle Schools, in all of SD61, SD62 and SD63 offer dance programs. (Belmont, Vic High, Oak Bay, Royal Bay, and Claremont are all well known). 

During the summer months, and year-round for the youngest children, you can find dance classes available through the regional recreation centres

But if you’re looking for a more intensive or year-round dance experience, joining a dance studio will give you the opportunity to join a multi-generational community, as well as explore multiple styles of dance; you might even enjoy competitive venues.


Cadboro Bay 

O'Brien School of Irish Dance

574b Culduthel Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 1G1

Type: Irish Dance

Programs: Youth Recreational classes, Youth competitive classes


The O’Brien School of Irish Dance offers both recreational and competitive dance programs for children to adults. Highly energetic classes with a variety of music; dancers are taught the basics of Irish step dancing and ceili dancing in a fun, enthusiastic environment with qualified instructors.


Lilias Polynesian Dance

1788 Fairhurst Ave, Victoria, BC V8N 1P4

Type: Polynesian Ethnic Dance

Programs: Adult recreational classes


Lilias Polynesian Dance brings polynesian ethnic dance to Victoria in fun and educational classes. As the only studio teaching this style of dance, Lilias Polynesian dance offers a one of a kind experience. Most recently, the performance group won the Memorable Performance Award and the Grace of Movement Award at the Ethnic Dance Festival in 2023.

Cordova Bay

Pacific Dance Center

5182 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8Y 2K8

Type: Ballet, contemporary

Programs: Youth Recreational classes, adult recreation classes, RAD Exams


At Pacific Dance Centre we aim to provide a high level of pre-professional ballet training, in an inclusive and positive environment. At 4 years old, students enter our Primary program, which is the first step in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) training method. As our students continue their way up through the grade levels, the intensity of training increases.

Brentwood Bay


Vertical Performing Arts

6021 West Saanich Road Victoria, BC, V9E 2G4

Type: Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, preschool/kinderdance, hiphop, acro, choir, worship dance, adapted dance

Programs: Youth Recreational classes, adult recreation classes


Vertical Dance provides meaningful training based in Christian Faith and focuses on giving back to the community. Costuming, music and movement are all age appropriate.



Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance School

137 Skinner St, Victoria, BC V9A 6X4

Type: Belly dance 

Programs: Adult dance sessions


"Bashirah" is an Arabic female name meaning "bringer of good tidings or joy." Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance Company - providing elegant, charming and joyful entertainment! 

Owner/Director: Bobbie

Negma Belly Dance

137 Skinner St, Victoria, BC V9A 6X4

Type: Belly dance 

Programs: Adult dance sessions


Negma teaches true authentic Belly Dance with her unique style and many years of international experience. She adopted real arabic culture while she was living in the UAE and is passionate to share this dance form and culture with her students.

Collective Heeling 

744 Fairview Rd #10, Victoria, BC V9A 5T9

Type: Heels classes, Jazz Funk, Feels & Heals

Programs: Drop in class, group parties, 18+ 


Our goal at Collective Heeling is to use heels to heal. We encourage students to find confidence, self-worth, and empowerment through the expression of heels dance. We offer weekly drop-in heels classes for adults in Victoria, BC. 

Harmony Belly Dance 

734 Aldebury St Unit 209, Victoria, BC V9A 4V1

Type: Belly Dance, Bellyfit

Programs: Adult dance sessions, rentable space, performance troop


Candace believes that every woman should have the opportunity to feel like the goddess she is and this philosophy shines through in both her Bellydance and Bellyfit® classes.

Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet 

310 Henry St, Victoria, BC V9A 3J

Type: Vaganova Technique Ballet

Programs: Youth recreational classes


We are a community that creates a space where learning the Art of Classical Ballet becomes truly magical. Here we focus on our love of the Art, delivering valuable information, inspiring the community to love our Art and supporting those who place their trust in us to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.

Wild Roots Dance & Yoga

#209-734 Aldebury Street Victoria, BC V9A 4V1

Type: Yoga, Ballet, Bellyfit, Creative Dance, Contemporary, Hiphop, Jazz, parent and tot classes. 

Programs: Recreational group classes in-studio and in local schools, private parties


At Wild Roots Dance & Yoga, our goal is to provide quality instruction in an encouraging, positive and nurturing environment. Our classes are all about connection with others, fostering creativity and empowering our beautiful community. We celebrate the awesomeness of life, the importance of connection and the nourishing power of movement for the spirit and body.



Ballet Victoria Conservatory 

643 Broughton St, Victoria, BC V8W 2C1

Type: Ballet, Dance gymnastics, Jazz, Contemporary

Programs: Youth Recreational classes, youth competitive classes, post-secondary pre-professional program


The students at BV Conservatory have the opportunity to learn from the Ballet Victoria professional dancers. The BV Conservatory develops young dancers’ potential by providing role models and sharing their passion for ballet everyday. This provides the fun of learning and the satisfaction of seeing their efforts reach artistic excellence.

Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People

613 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N8

Type: Musical Theatre, voice, acting

Programs: youth camps and programing 


For half a century, Kaleidoscope has been a vital part of the Victoria community, producing outstanding professional theatre for young audiences while being a training ground for emerging artists, both on and off stage. 

House of Pole

1736 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8W 2G7

Type: Pole dance, Floorwork, Handstand, Twerk

Programs: Adult drop in and membership classes


We offer all levels of pole technique from beginner to advanced, and have a variety of different styles of dance choreo offered weekly. We also offer heels technique, twerk, mobility, and conditioning classes throughout the week. 

Pole Coven

715 Yates St 3rd Floor, Victoria, BC V8W 1L4

Type: Pole dance, Twerk

Programs: Adult drop in and performance series


We are thrilled to announce the PoleCoven Progressive Program. This performance series comprises of weekly pole dancing classes in preparation for participation in a show hosted by Luminesque Dance. We also offer drop in classes and an incredible Twerkshop series. 

Raino Dance

716 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 1N1

Type: Ballet, Bellydance, Contemporary, Groove, Heels, Flamenco, Hip hop, Jazz, Rust, Cabaret

Programs: Adult recreational classes


Started in 1985 the founder’s ethos lives on in our iconic dance hub with over 10 styles and teachers dedicated to non professional and professional dance training in a welcoming, safe and non-competitive environment under the artistic direction of Monique Salez.

Salsa Caliente

Studio 4 Athletics, 715 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L6,

Type: Salsa

Programs: Adult recreational classes


Come and learn the differences and experience the music and the dance in a whole new way! We`ll also teach you to Cha Cha Cha the way they do in Salsa clubs! Learn to move your body to the rhythm of Latin music and practice leading and following techniques to get you ready to move to the next level.

Vibestreet Dance

1821 Cook St Suite 301, Victoria, BC V8T 3P5

Type: Hip Hop

Programs: Youth recreational classes, youth competitive classes


At Vibestreet Dance Studio our incredible team works hard to create an atmosphere that is fun, inspiring and quality while educating our dancers of all ages and levels on Hip hop dance, history and culture while teaching an engaging curriculum specifically designed for each class offered.



Pirouette Dance Studio

2033 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 3Z7

Type: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, Acro/PBT

Programs: Youth Recreational Classes, Youth competitive classes, RAD & ISTD exams 


We are proud to offer a range of programs and options for all dancers, from preschoolers and once-a-week dancers up to advanced company dancers competing in festivals and taking exams. The highlight of the year for the whole studio is the Year-End Show, which represents the culmination of the year’s work and achievements. 

Bollywood Beats

2033 Belmont Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 3Z7

Type: Bollywood dance

Programs: Youth Recreational Classes, Adult Recreational classes and workshops 


Bollywood Beats Victoria was founded in 2014 and was created with the aim to spread the love of Bollywood. With classes for kids and adults alike, we offer many opportunities to come and join the fun. Performance opportunities available too!


Seda Dance

1525 Begbie St, Victoria, BC V8R 1K9

Type: Contemporary, Ballet, Saol, Stretch and Strength

Programs: Adult recreational classes, drop-in classes


Introductory through professional-level classes for adults, including contemporary, ballet, barre and conditioning taught by highly qualified professional teachers in a creative and supportive environment. We offer a long dance season with performance opportunities.



Salsa Moderna

1335 Thurlow Rd, Victoria, BC V8S 5K2

Type: Afro-Latin dance

Programs: Adult dance sessions


Looking for some fun dance lessons in Victoria? Salsa Moderna offers lessons in Afro-Latin dances  including Kizomba, Bachata and Cuban Salsa. Our school of Afro-Latin dance has operated in Victoria, BC since the 1990s. The school teaches all dancing levels – from beginners to advanced and performance dancers. In all our classes, we emphasize fluidity and musicality

Langford and Colwood


The Beat Dance Studio

1610 Island Highway,  Victoria, BC V9B 1H8

Type: Hip hop, contemporary, acro, jazz, musical theatre, ballet, lyrical, tap

Programs: Youth Recreational classes, adult recreation classes 

The Beat Dance Studio offers recreational classes in hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap and more. They focus on high-quality instruction in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment, supporting dancers of all ages and levels. The Beat offers both year-long and short-term programs for ages 2-adult



Elevate Dance Center

5-131 Presley Place Victoria, BC, V9B 0S4

Type: Ballet, Hip hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Acro, Modern, Contemporary

Programs: Recreation youth classes, competitive youth classes, adult classes, parties


At EDC, we are passionate about working together to achieve our goals, building strong connections between our dance families, students, and faculty, and giving back to our community. We want our dancers to learn so much more than dance - we want them to become educated, empowered, elevated members of our community.

Leap Forward Dance School

2758 Peatt Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 3V3

Type: Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop, Tap 

Programs: Recreation youth classes


Leap Forward Dance School began with a dream. We are now striving to make that dream and the dreams of our students come true. We are committed to the goal of providing quality skilled instruction in a supportive and positive setting to dancers of all ages and abilities.

Kathy White's Island Highland

761 Station Ave, Victoria, BC V9B 2S1

Type: Highland Dance

Programs: Recreation youth classes, competitive youth classes, BATD Exams


The Kathy White Island Highland Dance Academy was established in 1978. Located in both Langford and Duncan for ages 3 and older. The studio offers recreational classes, choreography and competitive classes and dancers are also given the opportunity to take BATD exams each year.

Pole Trix

3218 Jacklin Rd Unit 112, Victoria, BC V9B 0J5

Type: Pole, Aerial Hoop, Chair, Aerial Yoga, Heels, Exotic technique, Floorwork, Liquid motion

Programs: Recreation adult classes, drop in classes, private parties


Our studio offers in person classes for all levels seven days a week.  Spaces are limited and all registration is done online. Alternatively, Private parties are a great opportunity to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or just because! Come celebrate and have fun with up to 10 people.

Victoria School of Irish Dance

1610 Island Hwy, Victoria BC, V9B 1H8

Type: Irish Dance

Programs: Recreation youth classes, competitive youth classes, adult classes


VSID teaches traditional Irish dance classes with certified instructors. Our dancers enjoy performing locally in many community events. Some dancers dance for recreation and others compete internationally at the world /national /regional levels.Contact us for a free class today!

Westshore Dance Studios

109-2675 Wilfert Road Colwood, BC V9B 1H8

Type: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hiphop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Acrobatics.

Programs: Recreation youth classes, competitive youth classes, RAD exams


Taking part in dance classes is more than just learning choreography. It’s about building self-esteem, lasting friendships, and empowering kids to have the confidence they need to achieve their dreams. WDS is proud to offer the widest range of classes available in the Westshore communities and the largest dance facilities.



Westcoast Academy of Performing Arts

3948 Quadra St #5, Victoria, BC V8X 1J6

Type: Ballet (RAD), Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap & Conditioning

Programs: Recreation youth classes, competitive youth classes, pre-professional half-day senior training program, RAD and ISTD exams 


WAPA is focused on guiding each dancer as a whole and understands that dance can be many different things for different students. WAPA is here to individualize each dancers’ training and find the best path for each person! Our En Avant division for serious dancers will set them up for a flourishing career in dance and cares for the artists who will be the creators of tomorrow. 

Flamenco Victoria

3948 Quadra St #5, Victoria, BC V8X 1J6

Type: Flamenco

Programs: Recreation youth classes, Recreational Adult Classes 


We currently have around 80 adult students and are set to add youth and kids' classes in September 2023. Students of all levels come together to learn in a supportive studio environment, where the goals are friendship, fun, and flamenco!

Bon Accord Highland Dance

1111 Baldwin Pl, Victoria, BC V8X 4G9

Type: Highland dance

Programs: Recreation youth classes, Competitive youth Classes


With the help of her assistant teachers, Lynne Griffiths is offering classes for everyone from new beginners to experienced adults. Small class sizes allow for one on one instruction, with opportunities to perform in competitions and shows both in town and farther abroad, and of course to Have Fun!

Stages Performing Arts

#301 – 1551 Cedar Hill X Road Victoria, BC

Type: Jazz, hiphop, contemporary, ballet, Acro, lyrical, musical theatre, tap

Programs: Recreation youth classes


In STAGES’ 43rd year of operation we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing dancers of all ages and levels of experience with a non-competitive atmosphere in which to learn about the performing arts and about themselves.



Arthur Murray Dance Studio

3567 Ravine Way, Victoria BC, V8X 4Z1

Type: Ballroom Dance

Programs: Recreation Adult Classes


Experience the grace and excitement of this timeless social activity with programs that are customised to fit your unique goals and schedule. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event, want to stand out in a club, or simply want to move with greater confidence, we’ll show you the magic of dance!

Dance Unlimited

574 B Culduthel Road Victoria, BC V8Z1G1

Type: Jazz, lyrical, acro, ballet, broadway, hiphop, tap, modern stage, contemporary.

Programs: Recreation youth classes, Competitive Youth classes, RAD Exams


We are committed to provide students with an education about performing arts while establishing discipline and self esteem in an inclusive, diverse and equal environment. We offer every student the opportunity to perform in both a professional and recreational environment while promoting performing arts throughout our community.

Veselka Ukrainian Dance Association

3277 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3K9

Type: Ukrainian Dance

Programs: Recreation youth classes


Veselka offers a variety of classes and programs to serve the Greater Victoria area including, Ukrainian levels for children and adults, yoga, Ballet, jazz, Veselkacise and an Ensemble, ‘Skunkworks’ for pre-professional dancers. As we celebrate 50 years of Ukrainian dance, our regular performances include school tours, festivals locally, provincially, nationally and internationally and events for the community.

Latin Dance Canada

3277 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3K9

Type: Latin Dance 

Programs: Adult dance sessions


Smiles. Laughter. We believe that everyone should have fun while dancing. We strive to create an environment where everyone smiles, laughs, and has fun. We believe in the personal growth of every individual. By sharing knowledge, we can all grow together, be confident on the dance floor, and have fun at the same time.

Passion and Performance

3301 Douglas St #202, Victoria, BC V8Z 3L2

Type: Jazz, lyrical, tap, improv, voguing, hiphop, broadway, yoga, chair skills, funk, burlesque, hoop skills, floorwork, musical theatre

Programs: Recreation adult classes


Passion and Performance is a dance and performance studio for adults. With three locations on Vancouver Island, we pride ourselves in offering classes to fit all levels, bodies and abilities. Our passion is in creating a safe and inclusive space for adults to learn about dance and performing.  

Royal Oak


Karen Clark Dance

4499 Viewmont Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 5K8

Type: Ballet , Tap, Jazz, HipHop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro

Programs: Recreational youth classes, Recreational adult classes, competitive youth classes, RAD exams


At Karen Clark Dance we believe dance is about performance and fun and dance is also about building life skills, self-confidence, self-esteem; models teamwork and cooperation, encourages a solid work ethic and positive attitude.

Mavericks Square Dance Club

4516 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 6M9

Type: Square Dance

Programs: All ages drop in, Adult lessons


A community where you meet new people while having fun in a gentle cooperative team sport. Get a mental and physical workout moving to a variety of music styles and live singing. Call Anne, because square dancing is cheaper than therapy. Dancers often describe square dancing as friendship set to music!

Dansko Studios

4814 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3H5

Type: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre

Programs: Youth Recreational Classes, Youth Competitive Classes, ADAPT exams


We strive to inspire our students and nourish their creativity by  providing them with a combination of our professional, technical  expertise and the strong passion and love that we have for dance.

Hillside & Quadra


Victoria Ballroom Dance Society

612 David Street Victoria British Columbia

Type: Ballroom Dance

Programs: Recreational classes, all ages


Believing that ballroom dancing improves the physical and social well-being of individuals and enhances their quality of life, the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society has established the mission of the society to encourage communication and friendship with other ballroom dance groups in the community, in the province, and elsewhere.

Protege Dance Project

750 Quadra St #110, Victoria, BC V8T 4E8

Type: Hip hop, Jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, ballet, acro, PBT, tap

Programs: Youth recreational classes, youth competitive classes


Protégé promotes the development of dancers who are versatile, open-minded, dedicated, and focused on having solid technical and artistic sensibility. We strive to create an environment of like-minded, committed, and driven individuals so that the quality and experience of each dancer’s training is a positive one.

Moon Dance Dynamic Arts School

(in Dance Victoria) 2750 Quadra St, Victoria

Type: West African 

Programs: Adult recreational classes, Tot and Me and Creative Dance for Kids


African Dance is not just movement for movements' sake but the embodiment of poetry, history, community and transformation. "I am touched by Africa. She lives through my spirited self. She has spoken to me. I move into myself by being myself."

Everyone welcome! Live Percussion.

Victoria Academy of Ballet

2713 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 4E5

Type: Ballet (Cecchetti), contemporary, modern, Jazz

Programs: Youth recreational classes, youth competitive classes, Bridge Post-Secondary program


VAB’s faculty offers the highest calibre of professional instruction in dance training and performance. All faculty are highly experienced, qualified teachers with a passion for dance. Students of all ages and abilities are trained to their fullest potential.

Rhythm and Soul Dance

2713 Quadra St, Victoria, BC, V8T 4E5

Type: Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, sass, heels, theatre, modern yoga, barre, ballet.

Programs: Youth recreational classes, adult recreational classes


We truly believe that by providing dancers with education and inspiration, our communities will be that much more empowered through dance! Our vision is to inspire and educate people of all ages, shapes, and abilities to gain self-confidence and self-worth through movement, creativity, and dance.

Red Hot Swing

1110 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2A7

Type: Swing Dance

Programs: Youth recreational classes, adult recreational classes, drop in dance


Learn to swing dance in Victoria, BC! Whether you're a complete beginner to swing, or already enjoy Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and all the other swing dances, you've found the right place!

Kathleen Laurie School of Highland

1080 Lucas Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3P7

Type: Highland dance 

Programs: Youth recreational classes, youth competitive classes

No bio available.

Arabesque Dance Studio

2964 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC V8R 4V1

Type: Ballet (Cecchetti), contemporary, Jazz and creative dance

Programs: Youth recreational classes


Arabesque Dance Studio blends an appreciation of art, music, and dance with a safe and empowering environment that inspires and encourages students to reach their potential. Students dancing at Arabesque Dance Studio may enjoy dance for recreation and fitness or may choose to pursue a career in dance.

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