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Kathleen's Sassy AB Crystal Ankle Length Socks

Kathleen's Sassy AB Crystal Ankle Length Socks

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These ankle length socks are made with smooth toe seam, arch support and more ventilating fibre, with high quality AB crystals.

Here are some testimonials from dancers all over the world at Worlds, Nationals, Oireachtas, and Feis:

"Love the feel of these socks!"

"I do not have to glue up these socks and they stay up"

"These socks really sparkle on the stage!"

"My daughter is very picky on the socks and sensitive to the seams, and she loves your fabric! It does not give her blisters." - Parent

"These socks are not soggy and wetty after long practice."

"So many top dancers from Ireland are wearing this brand." - Feis Vendor

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