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Grishko Victory Flex Pointe Shoe

Grishko Victory Flex Pointe Shoe

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The Victory Flex Pointe Shoes by Grishko allow your feet to perform with fluidity and elegance.

Distinguishing Features:

  • U-shaped medium vamp with long wings, wide platform and moderately low profile
  • Classic construction with easy roll-through and unique last featuring an elegant lux faux taper
  • Elasticated binding eliminates need for drawstrings
  • Extra broad platform for effective balance
  • Generous and extra wide box that provides comfort and perfect hug to feet
  • Extra space created in the big toe area
  • Quiet box platform
  • Lower cut heel and side to show off dancer’s foot
  • Best fits a broad and square foot shape
  • Humid climate resistant, long lasting, and flexible platform
  • Easy-roll through & Soft anti-bacterial lining
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