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Eurotard Leather Character Shoe 1.5"

Eurotard Leather Character Shoe 1.5"

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Premium, full grain leather uppers with an exquisitely soft microfiber interior lining. The insole is contoured for the best fit and maximum comfort during wear.

The adjustable leather strap slides easily into the high quality metal buckle which is secured to the shoe using a durable elastic connection point. This allows the strap to fit comfortably across the top of the foot, providing full range of motion.

The 1.5" solid heel is wrapped in full grain leather with a colour-matched sole. The sole of this character shoe is made with genuine Italian Leather that has a grating designed for ideal traction, glide, and control. An ergonomically placed notch curves naturally around the Achilles, alleviating pressure and promoting freedom of movement.

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