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Wildflower Rituals

Wildflower Rituals No. 7 Ritual Unwind Bath Tea

Wildflower Rituals No. 7 Ritual Unwind Bath Tea

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Ritual No. 7 Unwind bath tea blend contains vetiver, with its warm, sweet, earthy aroma, and is know to relax and unwind the mind and body. Lavender and rose are added for balancing middle notes. Epsom salts are blended into this herbal bath tea and have been used for soothing and muscle relaxation.

  • Add bath tea blend into reusable cotton bag and tie up
  • Hang filled tea bag under hot running water while your bathtub fills
  • Toss tea bag into tub to continue to steep (3 oz bag is intended for 1 bath)   

INGREDIENTS Epsom Salt, Himalayan pink salt, Organic jojoba oil, Organic vetiver essential oil, Organic lavender essential oil, Organic lavender flowers, Organic chamomile flowers, Organic pink rose petals

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