How to apply Kinesiology Tape

How to apply Kinesiology Tape

Discover the incredible benefits that Kinesiology Tape brings to the world of dance as we look at its proper application. From enhancing flexibility to providing essential support, there are many remarkable advantages of Kinesiology Tape in dance. This step-by-step guide will help you make the most of this remarkable tool.

1. Preparation:

Before applying Kinesiology Tape, ensure that the skin is clean, dry, and free from oils or lotions. Shave or trim any body hair in the area where you plan to apply the tape to ensure optimal adhesion.

2. Measure and Cut:

Measure the length of tape you'll need, considering the specific area you're targeting. Using scissors, cut the tape with rounded corners to prevent premature peeling.

3. Positioning:

For the best results, it's essential to position your body correctly. If possible, have someone assist you in applying the tape to ensure precision.

4. Tape Application Techniques:

Kinesiology Tape offers various application methods, each suited to different goals and body parts:

Kinesiology Tape offers various application methods, each suited to different goals and body parts:

 "I" Application:

  • Goal: For linear muscle support or to stabilize a specific area.
  • Technique: Apply the tape in a straight line with no stretch.

"X" Application:

  • Goal: Cross-sectional support for joint stability or muscle groups.
  • Technique: Apply two strips of tape in the shape of an "X" with no stretch.

 "Y" Application:

  • Goal: For targeting muscle groups that converge toward a central point.
  • Technique: Apply three strips of tape in a "Y" shape, starting from a central point and fanning out with no stretch.

 "Fan" Application:

  • Goal: Distribute support over a broader area or for lymphatic drainage.
  • Technique: Apply strips of tape in a fan-like pattern, with each strip fanning out from a central point.

Remember that the choice of application method depends on your specific needs, whether it's muscle support, joint stabilization, or lymphatic drainage. We advise consulting with a practitioner to determine the best approach for your unique requirements.

5. Activate the Adhesive:

After applying the tape, rub it gently to activate the adhesive. This helps ensure a secure bond between the tape and your skin.

6. Allow Time to Adhere:

Wait for about 30 minutes after application before engaging in any strenuous activity. This allows the adhesive to set and ensures the tape remains in place during your dance routine.

7. Removal:

When it's time to remove the tape, do so gently and slowly. Peel it back in the direction of hair growth to minimize discomfort. If you experience any irritation or skin redness, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

In conclusion, Kinesiology Tape is a game-changer for dancers, offering enhanced performance, injury prevention, and support. By understanding the proper techniques for applying this tape, you can harness its full potential and dance with confidence.


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