FAQs About Pointe Shoes

Why schedule a pointe shoe fitting with us at Stretch?


At Stretch Dancewear, we want to make sure that every dancer finds their perfect pair of correctly fitted pointe shoes. Pointe shoes that aren’t fitted correctly can lead to discomfort and even injuries. Fittings with our experienced Pointe Shoe Fitters generally take 30 -45 minutes. They'll assess your feet and let you try on various styles and brands, until they find your perfect fit. To make sure everyone gets the proper amount of time to assess and find the perfect shoe, please book an appointment in advance. As always, walk-ins are welcome but please note a booked appointment will take precedent. 


What steps should I follow to take care of my pointe shoes?


To properly care for your pointe shoes, it's essential to rotate between pairs to let them dry out, secure ribbons and elastic to ensure a secure fit, and protect the box of the shoes by avoiding stepping on hard surfaces outside of the studio; these practices will help extend the lifespan of your pointe shoes while keeping them in optimal condition for dancing. Learn more tips on taking care of you pointe shoes here. 


Prepping for Back To School?

We are here to help seven days a week. During the busy back-to-school season, appointments are preferred, but we will gladly accommodate walk-ins.