Dancewear: What You Should Always Avoid Buying on Amazon

Dancewear: What You Should Always Avoid Buying on Amazon

At Stretch Dancewear, We Understand Your Needs

We may be a dancewear store, and yes, we have a soft spot for all things dance. But we also understand that times can be tough, and dance supplies can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. That's why we want to share some valuable insights with you about dancewear items that are best purchased in person, rather than online.

Pointe Shoes: Let's start with the most crucial dance item – pointe shoes. These need to fit you like a glove. If your foot grows, going up a size won't cut it; you need a proper refitting. When you buy on Amazon or other online platforms, you're left in the dark about how long that shoe has been sitting on a shelf or the conditions it endured in a warehouse. Humidity, for instance, can wreak havoc on pointe shoes. Thankfully, Amazon doesn't stock many reputable brand pointe shoes. Please, resist the urge to buy off-brand pointe shoes; come see us for a safe and proper fitting.

All Other Dance Shoes: We've had dancers say that they've tried to order dance shoes online, only to end up frustrated and coming to our store for a fitting. Dance shoe sizing often differs from regular street shoes, and many brands have their own unique sizing quirks. Kids' and small adult sizes often overlap, making guessing the size a near-impossible task. Save yourself the headache and those trips to the post office; come in and try on the shoes – it's the surefire way to find the perfect fit.

Nude Undergarment Leotards: These leotards are a bit tricky. They need to fit snugly and are designed differently from regular leotards to remain discreet under costumes. For this reason, we always assist with the fit and sizing of nude undergarment leotards. Buying them in-store is a smoother experience.

Leotards: Leotards don't play by the regular clothing size rules. They're more about torso length than traditional sizing. A tall child who wears an 8/10 might comfortably fit into a small adult leotard. Moreover, different brands have varying fits. Trying them on in-store is the easiest way to ensure you find the perfect one.

Skin Tone Tights: Matching your skin tone as closely as possible can be challenging with online swatches, as different monitors can display shades differently. In our store, we have tights samples to help you find the closest match to your skin tone.

As a small business, we're incredibly grateful for your support. So, a big thank you! We're here to serve you. If online shopping remains your preference, you can conveniently browse our website. We appreciate your business, and we're always here to assist you in-store or online. Thank you for choosing us – we wouldn't be here without you!

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