2023 Dancewear Trends: Your Guide to Stepping Up Your Style

2023 Dancewear Trends: Your Guide to Stepping Up Your Style

We are absolutely over the moon to chat about one of our all-time favourite topics: dancewear trends! 💃✨

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how incredible the dance community is? It's a place where expression meets passion, and where what you wear can truly amplify your artistry. So, let's dive into the hottest trends that are shaking up the dancewear world. Are you ready to feel fierce and fabulous?

1. Pop of Colour: 2023 is all about the drama, and that starts with colours that turn heads. Think vibrant reds, electric blues, and enchanting greens. These colours do more than just pop; they infuse your dance with an electrifying energy that'll light up your stage.🌟


2. Asymmetry and Cutout Designs: Prepare to take your dancewear to the next level with asymmetry and cutout designs. Leotards and tops adorned with strategically placed cutouts and asymmetric lines create an unforgettable impact, elevating your every move and choreography.


Girl is wearing black cut out bodysuit


3. Sheer Elegance: Oh, the allure of sheer fabrics! They're back, and they're bringing that extra touch of grace to your dance attire. From sheer panels to sleeves, it's all about ethereal charm and comfort. Perfect for those intense routines that need some extra breeze! 

Girl is wearing Ballet Rosa black bodysuit with mesh shoulders with red roses


4. Sustainable Dancewear, Including Pre-Loved Costumes: The dance community is passionately embracing sustainability, and it's shining through in the growing popularity of eco-friendly dancewear. Many forward-thinking brands are now crafting dance apparel with environmentally friendly materials and adhering to ethical production practices. It's the perfect choice for dancers who want to groove with a clear conscience.


Girlfriend Collective Flare pants


And don't forget to explore our pre-loved dance costumes, thoughtfully curated for all ages. These pre-loved gems not only allow you to embrace sustainable fashion but also let you uncover unique and exquisite pieces that have their own dance stories to tell. It's an eco-conscious choice with a touch of history, making your dancewear not just stylish but also meaningful. So, when you slip into one of these pre-loved costumes, you're not just dancing; you're also continuing the dance's beautiful journey.

5. Rise to the Top: High-waisted bottoms are having a major moment. They give you extra coverage, support, and a sleek and chic look. High-waisted dance shorts and leggings are all the rage in 2023 and offer extra coverage giving you a chic, streamlined appearance.


Girl wearing blue Bullet Point Shorts


6. Let Metallic Accents Steal the Show: Metallic fabrics and sparkling embellishments are here to make your dancewear shine. These dazzling elements catch the light, ensuring you sparkle with every step, creating a mesmerizing effect that's like having your spotlight.

7. Gender-Inclusive Styles: Dancewear is embracing inclusivity, offering choices that cater to every dancer's unique style. Whether your preference leans traditionally masculine or feminine or somewhere in between, you'll find options that let your authenticity shine through. Rubiawear captures inclusivity and offers dancerwear that fits all bodies. We love the Rubiawear full-Leg warmer that is designed with a straight leg fit. This long leg warmer hugs the upper leg and has a relaxed fit around the ankle and foot. The relaxed straight leg fit provides a flattering line without getting in the way of movement.


Man holding a woman wearing a black bodysuit


" The RubiaWear Jumper is a cover-all warmup is designed to keep you nice and toasty!  Just like our other products, these jumpers have a light feel without weighing you down with bulk.  Can be worn traditionally or in any number of ways, so get creative!" ~ RubiaWear


9. Mesh and Lace: Elegance in Dancewear: Mesh and lace fabrics aren't reserved for ballerinas anymore. These delicate fabrics add grace and elegance to various dance styles, charm and appeal.


Girl wearing a lace black leotard and black mesh skirt

10. Dancewear: Embrace the joy of personalization. Whether it's adding your name, initials, or a personal logo, customizing your dancewear is an artful expression of your unique identity, making your dancewear as unique as your artistry.


These 2023 dancewear trends let you paint a picture that's authentically you, so dance your heart out, and make every move a masterpiece. Keep dancing and shining, because the world needs your light!

With love and dance vibes,

Stretch Team xo

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